Digital Badge 1-Critical Analysis of my Learning

Creating this blog and trying different approaches has allowed me to discover my writing voice (Thomson, 2015).  In my first post, experimenting with the syntax and layout style has made me consider the voice I want to share with users online and who I want to attract. Considering how open and dangerous the web is, I understand I should not reveal everything, however.

I feel Blogging could benefit me regarding explaining a point and being precise in academic writing. I will focus on one topic or idea in a blog post and develop it. Practicing this in my blog will help me in academic writing when I develop an argument in an essay for example. Blogging is similar to a personal journal in that we monitor our progress and it allows us to learn by reflecting. This is an important step in becoming an effective learner (Fulton, 2016) and will prove helpful in my academic studies.

Giving and receiving peer feedback, listening to other perspectives opened my mind up to new ideas. Feedback is beneficial because I can take advice on board that I may not have even thought about before. Assessing the other’s work with the assessment rubric helped me identify digital competencies by making me consider areas others succeed in and could improve on (Fulton, 2016). This can also improve my own work. Giving and receiving feedback is collaborating online just like Wikipedia, Duolingo and blogging. Online Collaboration can help me grow academically and as a person.


Fulton, C., & McGuinness, C. M. (2016). Digital detectives: Solving information dilemmas in an online world. Kidlington, UK;Cambridge, MA, USA;: Chandos Publishing is an imprint of Elsevier. doi:10.1016/C2014-0-02094-1

Thomson, P. (2015, December 7). Blogging helps acedemic writing [Blog post]. Retrieved from

Published by seosamhcash

Hi my name is Seosamh Cash, a 22 year old UCD Irish language masters student living in Wexford at the moment. Having completed my degree in joint bachelor of arts- modern Irish and Irish studies, Irish is a real passion for me and I would like to pursue a career through the medium of Irish. During my time in college I have studied a wide range of subjects including French, Chinese, art history, music and psychology. I also like keeping active playing sport, hiking and kayaking.

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