Digital Badge Assignment 2 – Critical Analysis of My Learning

Pinterest is different to other platforms in that visuals are likely to be the first thing you see; colour and images are used to focus the attention of the audience on your message. Pinterest is one platform that is being used to create and manage information using narrative appeals, such as personal stories accompanied by photos, this is influencing people to decrease their vaccination intentions (Guidry, 2015).

My Maps is a tool that I can visualize data with. Overlaying data is a powerful skill in managing online information. Managing data is a useful skill that will help in my future studies. The tool allows me to hand draw points, lines and polygons on my map with the drawing tools. As well as making your own detailed map with different layers, this social media tool allows us to collaborate with other people’s maps. Collaborating online by creating and managing this mapping information is allowing people to learn about places they may never get to see. Visualisation data such as mapping, is enhancing our understanding (Tableau, 2020). Pocket is an app that is useful for my academic studies because I can save articles and ideas in one place to develop later.

All these platforms are educational, nevertheless we do need to manage appropriately everything we create, as to not manipulate and influence people negatively.


Guidry, J. P. D., Carlyle, K., Messner, M., & Jin, Y. (2015). On pins and needles: How vaccines are portrayed on pinterest. Vaccine, 33(39), 5051-5056. doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2015.08.064

Tableau. (2020). Retrieved from

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Hi my name is Seosamh Cash, a 22 year old UCD Irish language masters student living in Wexford at the moment. Having completed my degree in joint bachelor of arts- modern Irish and Irish studies, Irish is a real passion for me and I would like to pursue a career through the medium of Irish. During my time in college I have studied a wide range of subjects including French, Chinese, art history, music and psychology. I also like keeping active playing sport, hiking and kayaking.

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