My First Blog Post

Is iomaí cor sa tsaol

There is many a twist in life

Hello/Dia Duit!!

This is my first post. Starting this blog, I will share interests I have, whether it be my passion for speaking my native tongue, the music I listen to daily, fitness progress, or my experiences hiking and kayaking.

I hope I can motivate people through this to try Irish even if it is not your national language. Stress is a part of life and everyone has experienced it. I love music and try to work out everyday. These are great therapy for me physically and mentally. When we exercise, our heart rate increases and our body pumps more oxygen to the brain. This process has an affect on our overall positivity. I find this works great for me, and i’m sure it will for anyone!

Blogging is a new challenge for me. I understand new experiences are beneficial because twists and turns help people learn and prepare for the future. Feedback is very much appreciated.

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Published by seosamhcash

Hi my name is Seosamh Cash, a 22 year old UCD Irish language masters student living in Wexford at the moment. Having completed my degree in joint bachelor of arts- modern Irish and Irish studies, Irish is a real passion for me and I would like to pursue a career through the medium of Irish. During my time in college I have studied a wide range of subjects including French, Chinese, art history, music and psychology. I also like keeping active playing sport, hiking and kayaking.

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